General Info


Portraits: Open
Doodle Pages: Closed
Illustrations: Closed

Won't Do


- Hate speech

- Real people (unless permission is granted by the person in question)


I use paypal. I'll have you send me your paypal email, and once I've completed the first sketch of your commission and have had you approve it, I'll send you an invoice. Once that invoice is paid, I'll work on finishing the commission! I'll also send you occasional WIPs (works in progress) to make sure you're satisfied with the direction the piece is going. If you don't want me to send you updates, just let me know. I send the high-quality versions of images using a google drive link.

*The only exception to this is doodle pages, which will be paid for in full before I start the commission.


Price: 35 USD
Add-ons: Shading on clothes: +5 USD
Description: Painted bust. The clothes don't come shaded, but I'm willing to shade them if requested! I'll do any basic angle (ex: 3/4ths, profile, or facing the viewer, like in the example to the right. No low/high perspectives).

Doodle Pages

Price: 15-20 USD
Description: Just a bunch of sketches/doodles of your character(s)! It's kind of a pay what you will deal--you send me a few characters (or one, and I'll just draw them a bunch) and I'll sketch + color a page of them based on what you paid. It can have any background color, though my go-to is a tan color.


Price: Varies. They're usually 50 USD +. For example, the first illustration would be ~80 USD, while the second would be ~50 USD.
Description: Illustration of a scene, character(s), and/or a landscape. Dm me @SINISTERSUNSART on twitter or email me at sinistersunsart@gmail.com for a quote! I'll try to respond as soon as I see your message, but I'm busy with uni at the moment so it might take a bit!
Won't do: Painted illustrations or massive scenes (more than 10 characters, huge battlefield, etc.)